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How To Remove Olive Oil Stain from Cotton Shirt

I do this more often than I should. While in the kitchen cooking in a frenzy sometimes I splash some olive on my shirts. No problem though, I found an easy solution to remove the olive oil stains! The only thing you'll need is some liquid dish detergent. I recommend using Dawn.

Step 1: Locate your oil stain on your cotton shirt or garment.
(image of shirt with stain)

Step 2: Get your Dawn or similar brand liquid detergent and put some on your finger.

(image of dish detergent on finger)

Step 3: Gently rub in the liquid detergent over the oil stain.

(image of the detergent on clothing being rubbed in)

Step 4: Grab the sides around the stain and rub the fabric together to help the detergent soak into the fabric and stained area.

(image of the detergent on clothing being rubbed in)

Step 5: Last step! Just throw your shirt or garment in the washer now and let it wash as normal. Tada! All clean!

(image of the clean shirt!)