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Monday Movies Issue #1: King of California (2007)

year: 2007, starring: Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood
Moonlit Morning Movie Rating: 5/5 Stars

I must've watched this movie over 10 times since first finding it on the FilmRise Channel. It was listed under their "Feel Good" section and to me I would agree it is a feel good movie, however there are a few dramatic and serious scenes to film as well.

There are plenty of humorous moments that should make you laugh or in the least bring a smile to your face. To me this is truly a great great movie! It feels like a, dare I say... a classic!. Interestingly how it feels so even though the storyline is so undtraditional.

Without saying too much, the basic plot line revolves around Miranda and Charlie. Miranda is Charlies 16 year old daughter who has been raising herself the past two years since Charlie was admitted to a mental hospital. Charlie is an aging Jazz musician who has lived, what seems to be, a very interesting life. It should be also noted that he is bipolar. I like how the film portrayed Charlie in a different light than other films I have seen in the past with bipolar characters.

One thing I really enjoyed about this movie is the overal visual tone. I loved the colors and setttings of each and every scene. I also appreciated how the movie really lets you come to your own conclusions about Charlie's motives and actions. It is unclear, but to me it is very clear, that Charlie is not "crazy" lol. I also really enjoyed the acting and dialogue.

Some gifs I made from the movie:

Charlie explaining to Miranda how the buried treasure he's searching for isn't about $$$.

Miranda and Charlie searching for the same rock from the journal then being hassled by a police woman. Charlie finds a way to charm his way out of this situation. Also interesting because it enforces the idea that maybe Charlie isn't completely crazy as he's able to slyly leave his number to a woman he's interested in like a vary sane man would.

Funny and sad clip of scene of Miranda's frustration with Charlie's lies.

Where to buy the DVD:
See eBay listings

Editors note: you can usually find this DVD on eBay for around $2 - $3 plus shipping. Not bad =]

Where to watch online:
At the time this article is being written, it is currently available to watch for free if you have a Roku Express via the FilmRise channel and it is also streaming on Hulu. Click here to watch on Hulu.

***Hope you enjoy this movie. Till next time, this is the first edition of Monday Movies on Moonlit Morning.